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SadaShiv Yoga – Traditional Yoga Teacher Training School

Namaste! SadaShiv Yoga is a traditional yoga teacher training school which offers Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

SadaShiv Yoga is situated in a peaceful place, just two minutes walk from the holy Pushkar Lake. The holy city of Pushkar, located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan, is one of the five sacred dhams or pilgrimage sites for devout Hindus. It is believed that Lord Brahma created the sacred Pushkar Lake, the king of all pilgrimage sites in India.

SadaShiv Yoga provides an ideal environment to learn or study yoga in the land of its origin, from a passionate, versatile and authentic Indian teacher with more than ten years of international teaching experience. This life-changing, three week long programme provides its students with an internationally valid Yoga Alliance accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training certificate. Here, emphasis will be laid on an overall development of the students.

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yoga approach Our learning system offers you a unique programme to progress your practice effectively.

200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training

 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training The course is designed as a life-skills course taking yoga beyond physical practice of asana.


Yogi Kutia Yogi Kutia (hut) – Stay under the state-of-the-art huts at lovely location "Pushkar".


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yoga teacher training

Yoga Teacher Training Course – Tips for choosing it

So you have been practicing yoga for a while now and are thinking to step into the next level. It is recommended that you should take up a good yoga teacher training course. Whether you want to teach yoga or not, it is completely a matter of choice.  But, YTT program is an amazing and a life-changing thing that you will be doing for yourself.

But, as there are a plenty of options available for yoga teacher training, you can be confused to pick the right one. After all, you will be investing a good amount of time and at least 200 hours of your life in the course. Here we have some tips that will help you to avoid any confusion and make an appropriate choice.

Certified by Yoga Alliance

You must first ensure the training course you pick is certified by Yoga Alliance. This is the international governing body for yoga that set the standards for every yoga teacher training course. Although you may find many non-accredited yoga schools that teach great yoga. But again choosing between them can be a problem, because you are not aware which one is better. But any recognized school will for sure be a good option.

Choose a Suitable Duration

You can opt for training in your hometown which offers evening or weekend courses. However, going on a retreat style yoga teacher training course can be actually more effective. By opting for such a course, you will not be distracted by your work, or studies, or everyday life. Rather you will be able to learn and practice yoga with full concentration. But yes, opt for a program duration that suits you best. A beginners YTT program usually lasts for 200 hours while an advanced course lasts for 500 hours or more.

Way of Teaching Yoga Anatomy

You must also find out if the yoga course you are opting for includes a strong anatomy section. Also, do some researches on the way the yoga instructor will be teaching the anatomy of yoga in that section. Yoga anatomy is important as you will get to know the effect of each yoga pose on various parts of your body. This will help you to analyze your yoga performance and how can you make it better. This will help in bringing more consciousness to your teaching as well.

Evaluate the Course Syllabus

Every yoga teacher training course will have a designated time for various things including posture labs, anatomy, history, and philosophy. But every program concentrates on specific areas of yoga and taught in a particular style, which may not fit all. For instance, a spiritually focused program is not suitable for you if you are more into nuts and bolts of yoga asana. Likewise, if a program is anatomy-centric, then it may not be interesting to you, if discussing yoga sutras in detail is your thing. Therefore, you must always take into account the syllabus covered by the program that you are selecting.

You can consider SadaShiva Yoga for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. This classic yoga school is affiliated with Yoga Alliance International. The school is also equipped with well trained, experienced and certified yoga instructors.

Yoga Retreats in India

Yoga Retreats in India – Why should you join it?

Are you planning for an exotic holiday? If yes, then why not do something refreshing and interesting to reward yourself for that hard work that you put. Well, signing up for the best of the yoga retreats in India is a perfect way to do that. It would certainly be a life-changing experience for you, which you can adapt to your lifestyle to maintain a good health throughout life.

Give yourself that much needed time

Unlike a holiday, which usually is about doing this or that with friends or family, a retreat is simply about being you. You do not have to compromise on where to go or what to do, when on a retreat. It is just about you and catering to your needs and wants. Most of the yoga retreats will encourage you to leave behind the outside world, and also the stresses that you have accumulated over time. You will be asked to put your focus completely upon you. This will help you to feel refreshed and recharged with energy. Moreover, you will gain clarity of life and might also find answers that you have been looking for.

Deepen your Practice

Authentic yoga retreats in India will take your practice to the next level. You might have been into yoga practice and have also experienced its wonderful benefits already. Going for yoga retreats will let you understand the magic of yoga. And if you have just started with yoga practice, you will get to learn it more accurately. This is because in a retreat you will be taught yoga by an authentic teacher.

Yoga retreats will help you in intensifying your practice and go beyond your comfort level. This would help you to become more strong and flexible and make you more aware of your practice. Moreover, you will be in a completely new surrounding with inspiring yoga teachers and new people on the retreat. But, the main focus will be on you and your practice.

Learn New Things

Most of the yoga retreats in India offer various other activities and things ahead of a deepened practice and peace of mind. Along with your yoga practice, you can learn about Ayurveda. Or you can combine yoga with learning to develop a lasting meditation or mindfulness. You can also find out the advantages of nutrition, super-foods, and juicing. Explore the ancient wisdom and philosophy of yoga. Combine your passion for yoga with walking around in the woods or hiking up the hills, or underwater diving or anything else that the retreat offers. This way you will not only expand your mind and body but will also get to learn more interesting things.

SadaShiv Yoga is one of the best yoga retreats in India with centers located both in Jodhpur, Pushkar, Goa and Rishikesh. This is a renowned, accredited and internationally recognized school offering excellent yoga teacher training course. As a retreat, it offers the best packages for visitors which make them learn something new while excelling their yoga skills.

yoga teacher training course

Yoga Teacher Training Course – Factors to consider before enrolling

So, you have been practicing yoga for quite some time now and are willing to take your yoga practice to a different stage. Well, enrolling yourself in the yoga teacher training course is the perfect decision. This will certainly help you to broaden your knowledge of Yoga. This will also help you to teach the subject to several others and make them realize the real purpose of life.

The level of the yoga teacher training course has risen immensely in the recent times. Therefore, it has become important to know the credibility of the different training courses. Moreover, this will make you stand out in your initiative of becoming an excellent yoga instructor. Now let’s take a look at the various factors that should be considered before opting for a yoga teacher training course.

Training Potential

Every yoga teacher training course has some or the other advantage, but you can differentiate among them on the basis of intensity related to each. Online YTT courses are also available these days and are quite popular because of their feasibility. However, this type of online courses may not be fruitful for your individual growth as a yoga instructor. This is mainly because it lacks the interaction between you and your teacher.

Learn the Yoga Basics

You must always initiate with a yoga teacher training course that teaches yoga right from the basics. You might be aware of the basics already, but a beginner’s course will help in making your foundation more strong. This will also help you to identify the real essence of yoga and how it can impact your life. You will be able to clarify the importance of yoga basics to your students, only if it is clear to you. Make it a point to opt for a course that emphasizes on the fundamentals of yoga.

Reliability of Certification

You must ensure that the yoga teacher training course you opt provides you with a credible certificate of a yoga teacher. This is because, if you have a reliable certification, more students will be drawn to your yoga studio. Just like you would want to learn yoga from a good, and authentically certified yoga instructor, so will your students.  It is, therefore, necessary that you find a yoga school accredited with Yoga Alliance and offers various YTT programs.

Along with that you also must ascertain that your mentor is experienced and have a profound knowledge on the subject of yoga. In order to explore the subject of yoga and become a certified yoga instructor, you can join SadaShiv Yoga, which is one of the best classical yoga schools in India. Having its centers in Jodhpur, Pushkar, Goa & Rishikesh; the yoga school offer various yoga teacher training course. The school provides an ideal environment for learning yoga from experienced, versatile and authentic Indian teachers.

SadaShiv Yoga