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We work to give you an authentic and refine form of yoga. Our services will benefit all clients.

Our Mission

We want to focus on creating awareness about yoga and its health benefits. Come, join hands with us to know more.

Gain new outlook

We encourage everyone to practice yoga and gain a new outlook on life for betterment and positivity.

Soothing Therapy

Yoga has asanas that boost your confidence along with controlling your mood with its soothing therapeutic effects.

Join to serve

Come join our team of enthusiastic and dedicated instructors to look for a new purpose to life.

About Us

We are an organization with a motive to spread awareness and knowledge about yoga. The purpose is to enhance health, peace, and happiness in everybody’s life via a holistic approach. We want to improve everyone’s lives little by little.

We provide a huge variety of yoga classes for different age groups and also help practice meditation. This is to help you strengthen and relax irrespective of everything. The team’s philosophy is to remain true to the original and the whole system of yoga which is to keep you fit and help to find inner peace.

For some people, yoga is a direction to restore and associate to one’s body, in the process of becoming healthy. For others, yoga is a way to calm and relax the mind and to let go of all the daily life’s stress and connect to one’s breathing technique. We have experts who train in all the forms of asanas and know all techniques related to yoga. The basic essence of yoga is to connect one to their inner self – personal awakening – which helps in many steps of life. Irrespective of your understanding of yoga, you are welcome here to gain experience.


After the yoga training here, I not only became fitter than before but also transformed mentally. The experience has been life-changing for me and I want everyone to practice yoga to gain more benefits.

— Maria Rodriguez

Founder & Creator

I feel rejuvenated, happy, empowered, positive after joining yoga classes here. The entire learning was full of knowledge not only about yoga but also about myself and I can connect better with me.

— Pier Newman

CEO, Leannon LLC

The first week of joining the classes was so astounding that I knew this is what I wanted to pursue. I am happy that I had the opportunity to bring back confidence in myself.

— Robert Simpson

Frami LLC

Our Services

To give you the best of yoga, we have a big team of yoga experts who are talented, certified and authorized.

Join any of the courses mentioned below, to see the change in yourself which will work for you. Understand the philosophy behind the advent and how it helps bring positivity to one’s life. Here, in our yoga classes, you can experience standard, authentic and a cohesive yogic method that leads to the way of living. 

There is more to this holistic approach of life and health which brings wellness and happiness. You can also apply many yogic values to the day-to-day stress of modern life to evade them and live confidently.

Beginner’s Program

New to yoga? This program is just perfect, to begin with, to understand the basic asanas.

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Rejuvenation Program

Are you feeling tired and drained? Welcome to this program which will restore your energy back.

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Meditation Program

Many different kinds of meditation will be taught in this course to help balance your nerves.

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