Food which have to be avoided while losing weight

By Nathan Starks on September 27, 2019 0 Comments

Foods play a vital role in altering one’s weight. There are certain foods that help in losing weight while other foods might lead to weight gain. It’s always better to avoid packed foods.

Following are the various foods that have to be avoided while trying to lose weight:

  • French fries and potato chips: Though potato is healthy, it is not healthy when fried as they have high calories. Potato chips lead to overweight and these fried items also contain certain substances like acrylamides which cause cancer. So, it’s always beneficial to have boiled potatoes.
  • Sugary drinks: The sugar sweetened beverages such as soda and other drinks are unhealthy foods and cause various health issues and leads to weight gain. These kinds of liquids don’t make stomach full and it will definitely cause weight gain. Avoid drinking any sugary drinks while trying to lose weight seriously.
  • White bread: White bread is refined and contains added sugars which can raise your blood sugar levels. Instead of eating white bread it is better to go for various other healthy breads that are available like the cornbread, wheat bread etc. 
  • Candy bars: These are very unhealthy as they are packed with high amounts of added sugars, oils and refined flour. They are very low in nutritional levels and high in calories. These candy bars are very tempting to the consumers but to lose weight, it’s always better to go for a piece of fruit of nuts instead of candy bar.
  • Fruit juices: There are different kinds of fruit juices which are available in the supermarket but contain only little percentage of whole fruit. They too contain lots of sugars and are highly processed. Fruit juices also have very less fiber in it so it might not give the same result as that of having a full fruit which has good amounts of fiber.
  • Cookies, pastries and cakes: All these items are not healthy especially when someone is trying to lose weight. They contain high amounts of added sugars and refined flour too. They are very harmful and cause various diseases. They are high in calories and low in nutrients.
  • Ice cream: It is definitely a favorite food for all but is very unhealthy as its loaded with lots of added sugars and calories. So always make it a point to eat very small portions to prevent overeating.