How yoga helps in improving breathing

By Nathan Starks on September 27, 2019 0 Comments

The natural breathing techniques will prevent health issues while they can actually reverse various harmful conditions as well. Cardiac expert’s advice their patients about the benefits of following correct breathing. In order to follow this yoga breathing just lie down on back while outstretching legs and hands and keep looking at the roof while keeping eyes closed and relax. The first step in this process is abdominal breathing. Observe the natural breathing technique of inhaling and exhaling. While inhaling, the abdomen rises and during exhaling, the abdomen falls. Once you understand this gradually can go for a deeper, lengthy and extended breath. This breaking technique has to be made on 20 counts and take a rest.

The next one is the chest or thoracic breathing. Here mainly focus on the chest while breathing. The chest moves up while inhaling and down while exhaling. Keep working on deeper, lengthier and extended movement. While inhaling and filling the lungs completely the rib cage gets lifted. During exhale, the lungs sink down to an extent. Make around 20 breathing cycles and stop later.

In full yogic breathing, both the abdominal breathing and thoracic breathing are followed together. Inhale the air and fill the abdomen and later continue filling the chest until it expands. While exhaling first do from the chest and empty it and continue to empty the abdomen completely. This is a complete cycle for full yogic breath. This cycle has to be repeated for 20 rounds. It’s important to follow the pattern of inhaling abdomen and chest and for exhaling chest first and then abdomen. 

Everyone should make it a point that all these steps have to be followed without straining yourself. It has to be done smoothly and without much effort. Always you should go slow and easy while performing yoga breathing.