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reiki courses
Reiki is a hands on healing technique rediscovered by a Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui. It’s simple, useful and effective way healing, reducing stress, alleviate pain and relax. Anyone can learn this amazing technique to heal themselves or others. One can use it to help plants and animals too through it. It can be a wonderful but simple method to fulfill wishes too.
Reiki can be learned in following way:

Reiki Healer

What is Reiki? Doing Reiki healings sessions on yourself and others. Aura basics and its care. Scanning the body. Energy Exchange and Usui’s 5 principles. Chakras in detail.
Course Fee: INR 5000
Duration: 4 days

Distant Healer

Introduction to level 2. Three secret and sacred symbols and art of using them. Multiple ways of doing Distance Reiki healing sessions. Manifesting Desires, Healing unwanted habits and disturbed relationships. Creating Reiki Wish-Box. Alpha state and Two Reiki Meditaions. Chakras Reference.
Course Fee: INR 6000
Duration: 4 days

Master Healer

You will receive Powerful attunement and Usui Master Symbols to increase Reiki energy. Various ways to energize chakras. Other sacred powerful symbols for different purposes. Chakra Meditation. Wish fulfilment meditation. Reiki psychic surgery. Crystal Healing. Various Crystals layouts and Meditation techniques .
Course Fee: INR 12,000
Duration: 4 days

Reiki Master

Reiki Master Attunment. Symbols to perform attunements. Learn to attune and teach up to Master Healer level. Healing Atuunement. Self Attunement. Distant Attunement.
Course Fee: INR 30,000
Duration: 4 days

Reiki Grand Master

In this course you will learn to how to attune and teach up to Reiki Grand Master Level
Course Fee: INR 15,000
Duration: 2 days


NOTE: All pricing above doesn’t include food and accommodation..
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