ॐ नम: शिवाय

Yogi Manish delivered the whole principle of Yoga in a professional manner and assisted me with understanding my evolutions by reminding me to withdraw all my senses and simply observed my mind without judgements. Through his guide, I was able to push through my obstacles and have self realisation, chronic pain of 16yrs disappear and vibrating more in superconsciousness. Thank you Manish x

Rosanna Phare, Queens Land, Australia.

Manish Ji was one of my teachers during my 200hr YTT in Koyna Nagar with Shiva Shakti Yoga School. Over the course of the month we came to love Manish Ji’s intense yet fun approach to Asana practice, and he was always willing to answer our questions, long after the scheduled time had ended. I also learnt a lot about kriyas and pranayama from Manish Ji, and would love to be able to practise with him as my teacher once again in the future.

Jennifer Tan, Liverpool, Singapore.

Manish is a brilliant Yoga Teacher. I took 200 hours Teacher Training and got a huge amount out of all of the elements taught by him, including: Asana, Pranayama, Teaching Methodology, Chanting & Philosophy. Manish is very knowledgeable, enjoys an in-depth discussion and is fun with it. I’m also very grateful for the ongoing support and I hope that I will practice with him again some day!

Jenny Hawkins, Bristol, United Kingdom.

I studied 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Manish and was impressed by the depth of his knowledge in yoga philosophy. He is an experienced teacher always eager to help when any of his students need him, trying to make the experience profound, yet enjoyable. I will definitely recommend studying with Manish to anyone interested in yoga. Thank you!

Olga Terebenina, London United Kingdom

Olivier Gonefrier, France

Francine, Netherland

Sara Best, Scotland

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